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New Website and New Developments!

Its been a busy year at Archie's Forge! So busy in fact that I completely forgot to write any blog posts......


New website! As regular visitors will to our site will notice we have completely changed our website design. The old website was created when Archies Forge first launched and was based on the assumption that models rather than conversion parts would end up being our primary business. This turned out to be completely incorrect and we have amended the website to make shopping for conversion parts much easier. We may have some little teething problems with the new website for the first couple of weeks as we tweak bits to try and give you a better experience so please bear with us! 

Over the past year our range has expanded considerably and will continue to do so - we are aiming to go live with around 20 new products every single week with our focus for October being parts for the 1st and 8th legion.

We have also recently expanded the Archies Forge team which has helped us increase our production capacity and is bringing down our time to fulfill orders considerably with 90% of orders fulfilled within 5 working days.

We have also launched our Forge Rewards scheme - this will reward customers with points back on their purchases that can be exchanged for store credit. Customers will receive 5 points for every £1 spent on the store with additional points available for leaving reviews, referring a friend and there is even a special birthday gift for every customer. We are in the process of updating customers accounts with points for all legacy purchases made prior to the launch of the scheme and this should be complete by 8th October.

Thank you for all your support over the past year. Its been absolutely incredible to be able to take Archie's Forge from just a small hobby business to a full time business with our very own workshop and staff team. 


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