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Website Changes

Over the next week we will be making some significant changes to our website.


As our product range has grown it has shown our current website format is not really suitable for purpose. The current format makes it hard to find chapter specific items. As such we will be making the following changes:
* We will be moving all generic compatible items to their own section. This covers plain helmets, weapons etc, all those items with no iconography or particular style.
* Chapter sections will only consist of those items that either have specific branding for that chapter or are themed in such a way that they are particularly suitable for that chapter. 
* This will allow customers to better identify items for their particular chapter while also having visibility over all other items as well. While not a problem for the chapters we sell large numbers of branded bits for (Templars, Dark Angels etc) the current system means for our less well supported chapters like Iron Hands you currently have to scroll through 50 generic items to see one Iron Hands branded item.
* This new approach will also let us have better visibility for our less well supported chapters so we can focus on addressing that and increasing product range.
This work should take us a few days, during it the website will remain live but you may notice items moving between sections. 
Once this work is complete we will be doing a massive product update - over 250 sets of new items will go live this month with much more to follow as we move workshop and our production capacity increases almost 400%.
We will then be launching our brand new website in late September/early October which will take full advantage of the new product listing structure and make shopping with us a much easier experience to find items you are interested in as well as to see examples of those items in use.
As always thank you for your ongoing support - it means the world to us.
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